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BMUFL sign cropped sm_5474

New signboard: 24″ x 24″ top and 24″ by 10″ bottom

This morning Ferguson replaced a small motorist advisory sign at the southern city boundary on S. Florissant Road with a larger more prominent one, as shown in the figure at right. This comes several years after the original sign was installed following approval by then city manager, Mr. John Shaw. Shortly afterwards, Shaw concluded that the sign was too small to be noticed by passing motorists.

Earlier this year the new Assistant City Manager, Mr. Matt Unrein, approved the installation of a larger sign on a trial basis, the sign being obtained by Martin Pion from Missouri Vocational Enterprises in Jefferson City.

I wrote about the original sign in November 2012: New “Bikes May Use Full Lane” signs in Ferguson to aid cyclists, followed by a story by then St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter, Paul Hampel: 2012-12-03 P-D: “Ferguson street signs mark safety advance for bicyclists”.

The old Bikes May Use Full Lane (BMUFL) sign was 12″ x 18″, which is also the size of a NO PARKING ANY TIME sign, like the one shown in the photo below taken at the northern city boundary on N. Florissant Rd. The new sign (above) is almost four times the area of the old sign.

BMUFL & bus_red_1270

NO PARKING sign above same size (12″ x 18″) BMUFL sign
on N. Florissant Rd. near the northern Ferguson city boundary

The new high reflectivity replacement sign is in two parts to make it more versatile, the upper signboard being 24″ x 24″ while the lower one is 24″ x 10″. The photos below were taken during removal of the old sign and its replacement by city employees Dennis (on ladder) and Mark, followed by a photo Dennis took of me posing under the new sign.

Preparing to remove old sign

Preparing to remove the old sign

Final adjustment of new signs

Final adjustments to new signs near the southern city boundary. Looking north along S. Florissant Rd. adjoining the BP gas station at the corner of Woodstock Rd.

Dennis and Mark pose after installation

Dennis and Mark pose after installation

Martin Pion points out new larger BMUFL sign

Martin Pion points to new larger BIKES MAY USE FULL LANE sign
Photo by Dennis B., Ferguson Public Works Dept.

[P.S. As I was heading home following the sign installation I decided to stop by the Ferguson Bicycle Shop and talk to owner Gerry Noll. This meant changing lanes from the curb lane to the inside lane in preparation for a left turn onto Suburban Ave. Merging after a safe gap, a left-turning motorist caught me up and quickly lost patience, gunning his engine to merge right to pass me, then left again only to get stopped at the traffic light ahead.  I caught up with him shortly afterwards and we turned left after being stopped for a few seconds. C’est la vie!]

One Comment

  1. Good Job.

    W. Preston Tyree, LCI #518 League Coach Educator, Advocate, Consultant (Active Transportation & Litigation) Issues related to Bicyclists (512) 338-4075

    Martin Pion reply: Thanks, Preston! Your approval is much appreciated. It’s astonishing how long it can take to make even a little progress though.

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