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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Controlling a narrow lane in downtown Ferguson

Last year, I was overwhelmed with other personal commitments which prevented me from conducting a single bike ed. course, the first time I’ve not offered one since becoming a Certified League of American Bicyclists (LAB) Cycling Instructor in 1998. This year I want to make up for that by adding a shorter course which some fellow cyclists have told me would appeal to them more than the minimum 9 hour LAB “Traffic Skills 101” foundation course (formerly called “Road I”), or the longer 18-hour three session course I also offer called BIKERight.

The short course is called BIKERight Intro and is a four hour course split in half by a one hour lunch break at the Whistle Stop in downtown Ferguson. Insurance for this course is provided by the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation so participants will need to be Bike Fed. members ($25 individual/$40 family). To join please click here.

The course fees are:

Four-hour BIKERight Intro: $40*
Nine-hour LAB Traffic Skills 101: $80
Eighteen-hour BIKERight : $120 (includes $12 Student Handbook)

* Also requires you to be a St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation member

If you’re interested in any of the above courses and/or want information about them, please contact me, Martin Pion, at 314/524-8029 home office, or by e-mail to

Martin Pion
6 Manor Lane, Ferguson, Mo. 63135