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Monthly Archives: July 2014

This groundbreaking article by Dan Gutierrez and Amanda Eichstaedt was first published in the League of American Bicyclists members’ magazine, the American Bicyclist, in December 2007. It makes a strong case for the need for a 6th E, Equality, to underpin the other five accepted Es.

As stated in the article:

“Cyclists need legislative “Equality” as transportation users. … This would really be the primary E to describe the way cyclists are treated by lawmakers. With all Six Es in place, our lives as advocates would be easier, since we can use the set of Es to tell lawmakers, and everyone else what cyclists expect from the government:

* Equality – state laws that treat cyclists as well as other road users
* Engineering – sound transport agency road and special facility development
* Enforcement – consistent and fair police and court treatment of bicyclists
* Education – widespread traffic skills training such as the Bike Ed program
* Encouragement – public campaigns aimed at promoting cycling
* Evaluation – ways for govt. to measure the effectiveness of the other Es.”

Please click the following to view the article:

Equality for cyclists 6th E Gutierrez & Eichstaedt