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Monthly Archives: November 2015

On Cyclists are Drivers! Dr. Bob Shanteau started a new thread on November 3rd, 2015, railing at the California Highway Patrol Golden Gate Division for their ignorance of bicycle driving principles, including bicycle rodeos.

That prompted me later in the thread to mention an effort I’d led in Ferguson, Missouri, to teach bike ed. in a local middle school, and the unwillingness of officials to allow instruction other than classroom presentations and playground exercises.

It also reminded me that, while I’m generally not a fan of bicycle rodeos, one I recommended was that written and illustrated by John E. Williams when he was editor of Bicycle Forum Magazine, which I believe was later taken over by Adventure Cycling.
An early four-page version I still have from 1981 has a child cyclist riding his bike on the driveway on the front cover, shown here.


He is shown without a bike helmet (although they are recommended on page 4) because that was before helmet wearing that we see today was de rigeur, which in my view is grossly over-emphasized, especially when compared to bike education. Later versions had the child wearing a bike helmet on the cover.

Please click here to view (and download, if desired) BICYCLE SAFETY John E. Williams 1981