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The full title of this article is: “Providing Vehicular Cyclists with Routine Accommodation in the U.S. as Part of Complete Streets,” and reproductions from the Institute of Transportation Engineers Journal are provided below, with this introduction:

“This article focuses on the need for knowledgeable cyclists to have the option to be treated as vehicle operators, referred to here as vehicular cyclists. The preoccupation of transportation engineers and planners with separate bicycle facilities can directly prejudice cyclists’ preferences, and possible remedies are discussed. A previous paper by Pion and Cline discussed bicycling education in the United States, describing successful programs for children and adults in the context of a sixth overarching E of transportation safety – “Equality” – the others being Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation.”

The paper then discusses the following subjects:

Routine Accommodation and Complete Streets 

From Equality to Discrimination

Defining Bicyclists

Examples of the Concept of Routine Accommodation

          Example 1. West Florissant Avenue Great Streets Plan in the Cities of Ferguson and Delwood

          Example 2. Metro St. Loui’s First Parking-Separated Bikeway

          Example 3. Natural Bridge Rd. Road Diet Parkway Section

I’m grateful to cyclists Nick Kasoff of Ferguson, as well as Karen Karabell of St. Louis (who founded CyclingSavvy St. Louis in early 2011) for their invaluable assistance. In October 2014, I videotaped Nick Kasoff with dual helmet-mounted cameras on W. Florissant Ave., Ferguson, and later Karen Karabell on Chestnut and Market St., St. Louis, in September 2015.  After downloading consultants CH2MHILL Great Streets Plan for Natural Bridge Rd. in May, work on this section of the article for the Journal began with an on-the-ground measurement of Natural Bridge Rd. to confirm the distances noted in the plan’s cross-section.

The published paper may be viewed in high-definition at Pion ITE Journal 2018 or in lower-definition below:

Pion ITE Journal 2018-01-09 Vehicular Cyclists p 38 red

Pion ITE Journal 2018-01-09 Vehicular Cyclists p 39 crop red

Pion ITE Journal 2018-01-09 Vehicular Cyclists pp 40 crop red

Pion ITE Journal 2018-01-09 Vehicular Cyclists p 41 crop2

Pion ITE Journal 2018-01-09 Vehicular Cyclists p 42 crop

Pion ITE Journal 2018-01-09 Vehicular Cyclists p 43 crop1





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