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The Saturday St. Louis Post-Dispatch, in recognition of the founding of St. Louis 250 years ago, featured a humorous Mound City cartoon by Dan Martin, who also draws the daily Weatherbird.

Dan Martin was subsequently kind enough to send me a color version of the cartoon appearing in the newspaper.

What caught my eye was item #5 in the “To Do” list. The modern bicycle didn’t exist at the time but trust the French to be technically very advanced (except, perhaps, on the subject of bike lanes!).

Postcard for the web


Karen Karabell shsm

Karen Karabell

And while on the subject of bike lanes, go to an in-depth guest post by Karen Karabell called Taking the lane — a CyclingSavvy instructor explains her objection to bike lanes.

It was just posted on Ted Rogers’ blog BikinginLA

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