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The purpose of this test was to get the reaction of a motorist driving a truck over a Traficop “speed cushion.” This traffic calming device is intended to deter motorists from exceeding 25 mph while having minimal effect on vehicle handling at 20-25 mph or below. The short video clip below captures the test.

NOTE: The video may take half a minute to load so please be patient!

F-150 speed cushion test from Martin Pion on Vimeo.

Shelley Davis and her husband Lee recruited Steve Gray, who was good enough to drive his vehicle over the Traficop, assembled on a residential road in Lake Pembroke, a private subdivision in Ferguson, north St. Louis County.

Shelley Davis represents the nearby Northwest Ferguson Neighborhood Association, which could well have an interest in this method of traffic calming.

The vehicle was a 2005 Ford F-150 truck weighing 5,400 lbs with a load weighing about 500 lbs, driven at 23 mph in this test of the Traficop’s effectiveness as a traffic calming device. Motorist Steve Gray said it had no adverse effect on truck handling, just causing “a slight rocking motion, not a sudden jar.” He added that it didn’t affect the steering.

It is hoped to try a series of these devices in place of stop signs on a frequently used road through a residential area leading to a nearby interstate. According to Steve Gray, who lives on this road, motorists often speed along it, sometimes even running the stop signs.

Traffic engineers view the purpose of stop signs as indicating priority, and ineffective when used for traffic calming.

As soon as time permits, I hope to add extensive background information on this traffic calming device, which has existed for decades and is well-established in Britain and increasingly in parts of the U.S.

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