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I Am Traffic in Long Beach video screenshot in a location where both a BMUFL sign and SLM (“Sharrow”) are present

This was posted on December 11, 2012, by I Am Traffic at and titled “I Am Traffic in Long Beach – 4th St Sharrows and BMUFL signs – A first look…”

Dan Gutierrez, President of the CA Association of Bicycling Organizations, provided both commentary and did the editing. He is also one of two videographers taping the ride, the other being Allan Crawford, Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Long Beach, CA, following closely behind Dan who is leading. Dan is using a helmet-mounted rear facing videocamera, while Allen’s camera is facing forward and mounted on the handlebars.

This video demonstrates clearly how uneventful and safe a bike ride can and should be for competent and experienced cyclists who know what they’re doing, requiring skills that anyone can acquire. To encourage safe sharing, the road has both repeat federally-approved BMUFL (Bikes May Use Full Lane) R4-11 signs, which have also been installed in my home town of Ferguson, North St. Louis County, and in addition, frequent Shared Lane Markings (“Sharrows”), correctly centered in the “effective” lane, offset to ensure that the cyclist is well clear of any opened motor vehicle doors parked alongside.

Here’s the Vimeo description of the video:

Dan Gutierrez and Allan Crawford drive their bicycles over the newly placed sharrows along 4th Street in the City of Long Beach. The route has frequent BMUFL (Bikes May Use Full Lane) signs, at nearly every block. The layout of the sharrows, both in terms of the far leftward lateral placement (13′ from the curb in a 17′ width lane), as well as the high frequency (close to 100′ separation) was inspired by the training materials from the Understanding Bicycle Transportation all-day course Dan delivered to the Long Beach City staff and their consultants in January of 2012. The lateral placement routes cyclists well away from the door zone and into the center of the effective lane, thus encouraging motorists to make safe lane changes to pass. Additionally, the frequent sharrow placement provides constant reminders to motorists and cyclists alike, that bicyclists are expected to control the lane on this route. To further emphasize this point, and encourage lane control, frequent BMUFL signs are also used. We consider this to be a best practice application of sharrows and BMUFL signs and serves as a model for proper implementation elsewhere in the US.

Dan and Allan maintain a path directly over the middle of the sharrows with one exception: at 4:32 minutes, when passing a really large trash truck which partially blocks the lane. Following is the 5:53 minute video, downloaded from Vimeo:

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