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MUTCD-approved R4-11 “BIKES MAY USE FULL LANE” sign, with additional informational text below

The administration of the City of Ferguson, in North St. Louis County, has installed two Bikes May Use Full Lane (BMUFL) signs at either end of the section of Florissant Rd. that it controls to alert motorists to a new Ordinance No. 2012-3495, § 1, enacted on 6-26-12. Florissant Rd. is a major north-south four-lane road going through the center of the city’s downtown area, and an important traffic artery. Their location is indicated by A and B in the map below.
The signs, based on the R4-11 sign approved in the federal Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), were made to order and purchased from Missouri Vocational Enterprises, in Jefferson City.
Ed Giancola, Municipal Services Manager, confirmed that they were installed by the Ferguson Public Works Department on November 6th, 2012.

Map showing the section of Florissant Road controlled by the City of Ferguson and location of initial BMUFL signs at “A” and “B”, plus different speed limits

This move is further evidence of the progressive efforts by the current City administration, led by City Manager John Shaw. It is hoped it will lay the foundation for additional similar signage to inform motorists of the new City ordinance, Sec. 44-364. – Riding on roadways., which allows cyclists to either control or share the curb lane on these major thoroughfares. (This new ordinance was the subject of a previous blog.)

Approval for more extensive use of the signs will be up to the city’s Traffic Commission, which has yet to consider them.
The following photos and video demonstrate both the need for the new ordinance, and the accompanying signage to alert motorists to it, and the way motorists accommodate cyclists riding legally according to the new law.

A MetroBus passing the new BMUFL sign located just inside Ferguson’s northern
city limit on N. Florissant Rd. (“A” on map above.)          Photo: Martin Pion

The photo and video below were shot near the BP gas station at the intersection of S. Florissant Rd. and Brotherton Ln./Woodstock Rd. near the city’s southern boundary. The BMUFL sign is shown on the telephone pole at right in the photo. as Gerry Noll cycles past it.

Gerry Noll controlling the curb lane while cycling north past the BMUFL sign at the southern end of Ferguson’s city limits. (“B” on map above.)    Photo: Martin Pion

Below is a video showing Gerry Noll, owner of the Ferguson Bicycle Shop, interacting with motorists.
Note how two motorists in Gerry’s lane move cooperatively into the inside lane to pass as Gerry controls the curb lane while cycling past the BMUFL sign pictured above.

The speed limit in both of these locations is 35 mph, but drops to 25 mph in the downtown business district from Darst Rd. to Paul Dr./Suburban Ave., as shown in the map above.
The video and accompanying photo immediately above were taken at about 11:00 am on Thursday, November 15th, 2012. The temperature was in the mid-40s Fahrenheit.
Florissant Rd. is a bus route, and platoons of motor vehicles travel along it throughout the day, as shown here.
After the photo shoot above, Gerry Noll biked to his bike shop and posed outside for the photo below, at my request.

A then-bearded Gerry Noll posing outside his Ferguson Bicycle Shop.        Photo: Martin Pion

Gerry opened his Ferguson Bicycle Shop early last year after retiring from Emerson Electric, where he had worked for 35 years. He told me his aim in opening his shop was as much to provide a service to the local community as to make a profit.
He added: “If I can eventually break even I’ll be happy.”
Gerry has gained certification as a Cycling Savvy Instructor and now offers adult classes through Cycling Savvy St. Louis. For anyone interested in using a bicycle for transportation, and to get the most satisfaction from bicycling, these classes are well worth attending. Information on-line at
Gerry also writes a monthly column, The Ferguson Cyclist, for the Ferguson Times. The December 2012 issue included a description of the new signs titled Ferguson has gone all BMUFL on us! which was also posted on the Ferguson Cycling Club site.

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