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* 4-hour BIKERight course: $40

This course offers both economy and a minimal time commitment (4 hours plus a 1 hour lunch break) specially for members of the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Federation which will be providing insurance coverage.

(To join please click $25 single/$40 family membership.)

The aim is to teach the skills needed to use a bicycle safely for transportation on the road. Ideally, you should be using a bike currently for local trips, including to stores and other destinations and, if practical, to work, and this course will hone your skills. If you’re not in that category, being relatively short and economical, it might still be worth considering, but there could times on the route when you’d prefer to observe rather than participate. The aim is to extend your knowledge and skills but not to the point where it’s an unpleasant experience or causes anxiety.

The following is a description of what I hope to cover, in sequence:

Bike mechanical check 
Bike fit & adjustment
Correct start/stop technique
Emergency stop


(For route information and maps please click here.)

Group ride to nearby parking lot for parking lot exercises as follows:
(Precede by exiting subdivision and making left turn onto 4-lane 35 mph Florissant Rd)
Riding in a straight line
Riding in a straight line while doing a shoulder scan 
Rock dodge
Exit parking lot: 
Estimating safe gap in traffic
Correct position for sharing in (17 ft) wide lane
Wide lane to (12 ft) narrow lane merge
Cyclist’s U-turn
4 left turns at intersection(s)
Making staggered right turn into subdivision across Florissant Rd
Exiting subdivision and making staggered left turn across Florissant Rd
Curb lane control on 4-lane 35 mph road
Left turn from 4-lane 35 mph road
Cyclist U-turns turns at major road intersection (Florissant Rd./Airport-Hereford Rds.)

1-hour lunch break at the Whistle Stop in downtown Ferguson

Lane control on 25 mph 4-lane major road in downtown Ferguson
Crossing 35 mph 4-lane major road (Hereford) in two steps while controlling inside lane
Hill climb to Elizabeth Ave.
Lane sharing vs lane control on 25 mph Elizabeth Ave. with 11 ft. lanes
Difficult road crossing from Hunter’s Ridge subdivision: cyclist’s U-turn option
Lane control vs lane sharing on 30 mph Hudson Rd. (recently resurfaced with chip-seal)
Head north up Elizabeth Ave: lane control approaching brow of hill
Lane control at 3-way stop with left turn onto Calverton Rd.
Left turn onto Hollins Lane and enter Lake Pembroke subdivision via gap in barrier: caution on loose gravel in gap
Return to start at 6 Manor Lane

If time permits and students are interested, cover flat repair. Review material.

N.B. Class size is limited to a maximum of 5 students, unless I have assistance from another League Cycling Instructor, in which case the limit is 10 students.

The courses are conducted at my home on a quiet cul-de-sac, and on neighboring streets and a parking lot in Ferguson. Course length approx. 7-8 miles

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