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I have mapped out the two halves of the on-road bike route I expect to follow on September 5, 2010, and posted it on the MapMyRide website. To view either stage please click the appropriate link below. I subsequently worked on the on-line images in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Imageready, splitting up the sections of the ride into detailed images which I’ve pasted following the descriptive text below.

If you go on-line to MapMyRide note that there is an ad on the page which you can shrink and move to the side by clicking and dragging on its grey border.

Stage #1: My home to Whistle Stop – 4.13 miles

Exit Lake Pembroke subdivision and turn L, going S on N. Florissant Rd.
Turn R (W) on January Ave. and immediately L (S) into Baptist Church parking lot for off-road practice.
Exit parking lot and turn L (W) on January Ave.
Turn R (N) on Hentschel Pl.
Turn R (E) on Wooster and practice Cyclist’s U-turns
Do 4 left turns at Wooster/Hentschel
Turn R (N) and go three blocks to Frost and repeat 4 left turns.
Head N on Hentschel and turn R (E) on Buckeye.
Turn L (E) on Frost.
Turn R (S) then L (E) into Lake Pembroke subdivision
Turn R (S) on Cardigan and do Cyclist’s U-turn
Cross and recross N. Florissant Rd. at Frost
Exit Lake Pembroke subdivision and turn L, going S on N. Florissant Rd.
Do 4 left turns at N. Florissant Rd. and Airport/Hereford.
Continue S on N. Florissant Rd. and turn R (W) just beyond railroad bridge onto Carson Rd.
Turn R (N) into Whistle Stop parking lot for lunch.

Stage #2: Whistle Stop to my home – 4.24 miles

Exit Whistle Stop parking lot and turn L (E) to S. Florissant Rd.
Walk bike and turn R (S) around corner until safe to bike on road.
Head S and turn into parking lot just beyond Ferguson Hardware and regroup
Exit parking lot and turn R (S) and do Cyclist’s U after passing Police Station on L
Pull into Police Station parking lot and wait for group to assemble.
Exit parking lot and turn R (N) on S. Florissant Rd.
Turn R (E) onto Church St. and cut through church parking lot to Almeda, heading N
Turn L (W) on Darst then R (N) on Adelle
At Hereford turn R (E) then immediately L (N) on Nancy
Take footpath N through Jeske Park (cycling allowed)
Exit NE and turn L (N) onto Gerald
Turn R (E) onto Robert and up steep hill
Turn L (N) on N. Elizabeth
Turn R (E) on Hudson (note Yield sign) and continue to Smith T-junction 3-way stop
Turn R (S) on Smith and do U-turn
Turn L (W) on Hudson and return to Elizabeth junction.
Cross and recross N. Elizabeth from Hunters Ridge
Turn R (N) on N. Elizabeth
Turn L (W) on Calverton Rd.
Turn L (S) on Hollins Dr. heading for Lake Pembroke subdivision
Negotiate barrier at end of Hollins Dr. into subdivision
R (N) on Manor Lane to end ride.

Route#1a: START from 6 Manor Lane

Route#1b: To parking lot for practice, then continuation

Route#1c: Continuation, including 4 left turns & cyclist's U-turn practice

Route#1d: Continuation to the Whistle Stop for lunch break

Route#2a: Depart from the Whistle Stop and do cyclist's U-turn in downtown

Route#2b: Head north from downtown to Elizabeth Ave. via Jeske Park

Route#2c: Continue up Elizabeth to Hudson Rd.

Route#2d: Return via Calverton Rd. & Hollins Dr. to FINISH

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